what is a default cache duration of EF plus?


I am using FromCache() method whenever I need to retrieve data from cache.

I haven't set any default caching policy and am using whatever EF plus use by default.

What's the default cache duration? one minute? or infinite?

Accepted Answer

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Entity Framework Plus use the MemoryCache by default. We don't override anything. See EF+ Memory Cache

So the question should be more What is the default .NET Memory Cache duration?

Looking on MSDN, it sounds that if nothing is provided, the default is InfiniteAbsoluteExpiration

If no eviction or expiration information is provided, the default is InfiniteAbsoluteExpiration, which means that items in the cache do not expire based on an absolute time. Instead, items expire only when there is memory pressure. As a best practice, you should always explicitly provide either an absolute or a siding expiration. In this walkthrough, you use an absolute expiration of 10 seconds.

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