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EF Plus for EF Core - Which version to use?

- For EF Core 6.x, use the latest EF Plus v6.x version
- For EF Core 5.x, use the latest EF Plus v5.x version
- For EF Core 3.x, use the latest EF Plus v3.x version

Community version

(Free and always will be!)

Enterprise version

(Trial enabled until end of month)


Commercial Use
Royalty free
Support 24/7 -

Community (Free)

Batch Delete
Batch Update
Batch Insert
Query Cache
Query Deferred
Query Filter
Query Future
Query Include Filter
Query Include Optimized
Delete By Key
Delete Range ByKey


Bulk SaveChanges -
Batch SaveChanges -
Bulk Insert -
Bulk Update -
Bulk Delete -
Bulk Merge -
Bulk Synchronize -

To reduce code duplication, maintenance & development costs, a dependency has been added to EF Extensions (paid library).

To automatically throw an error when using a paid features, use `EntityFrameworkManager.IsCommunity = true`

All features in Entity Framework Plus are FREE (even for commercial use).

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